Treatment of Substance Abuse with Humana Health Insurance

humana-logoThe procedure for locating treatment choices for substance abuse may be difficult. An individual seeking treatment is generally in the exposed position of having to face the many problems substance abuse has caused in their private and professional lives. This additional pressure could make it harder to navigate the frequently confusing world healthcare insurance. Luckily, companies and many healthcare providers are understanding that holistic approaches to body and mind wellness are essential to reducing the total costs of healthcare, as well as helping individuals live nicely balanced and productive lives. Humana offers more than regular medical care through a subsidiary company called LifeSynch.

LifeSynch was created to incorporate behavioral medical care and conventional clinical treatment to encourage a holistic approach to body and mind well-being. LifeSynch contains treatment for companies to help you through healing, and substance abuse which helps create a support network including drug rehabilitation facilities and substance abuse treatment professionals, conduct trainers. You can check with your advantages representative to see if LifeSynch providers can be found if you’ve Humana coverage through your company.

Will Humanas Normal Medical Insurance Cover My Treatment of Substance Abuse?

If Humana coverage is provided by your company, odds are that you qualify to have some of the prices of substance abuse treatment covered.

This can be since the Mental Health Parity and dependence Justice Act of 2008, which went into result in July of 2010, requires most businesses with more than 50 workers who offer mental wellness coverage to cover mental wellness and addiction treatment at the same amount of coverage and with the same deductible as they do other inpatient and outpatient hospital services, like operations and physiotherapy. It might depend on whether you have added mental wellness and addiction coverage as a choice on your plan if you have specific coverage through Humana.

Generally, Humanas individual strategies cover 50% of substance abuse treatment prices except when the drug treatment is contained as part of the appointed treatment of another mental health illness that is diagnosed. When substance abuse treatment is contained as part of the treatment for another mental health illness that is diagnosed, coverage will be in a level comparable to other hospital supplied outpatient and inpatient care.

Seeking Help Getting Treatment of Substance Abuse

Its important to work with your insurance carrier as you contemplate treatment alternatives, if you are starting the path to recovery from substance abuse by seeking treatment.

Some crucial questions you might want to ask your benefits representative are:

  • Does my insurance plan cover substance abuse treatment?
  • What substance abuse treatment facilities will accept my insurance?
  • Can there be a daily maximum coverage for inpatient stay in a drug rehabilitation facility?
  • What services will my insurance cover at a drug rehabilitation facility?

Choosing the best treatment choices for the healing and understanding what to ask your insurance carrier can be catchy, but we may help. Contact us now for a free consultation on drugs rehabilitation facilities to assist you with locating treatment alternatives that are viable.

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