Wisconsin Drug Rehabs that Accept Cigna Insurance

They say that the initial step in beating substance misuse problem or a drug is first acknowledging that there is an issue in the first place. Subsequently, the next step is determining what to do about it. While it is possible to stop cold turkey, this is usually not recommended as it may be physically and emotionally dangerous. That is why the perfect strategy is entering a rehabilitation treatment centre where around the clock therapy, intensive and treatment can be administered on a short term or long term basis to assist you come back on the path to a life that is healthy. Sadly, for folks in Wisconsin this retrieval cannot feel possible since the prices can seem insurmountable. Happily, you will find many insurance alternatives, like Cigna, which offers coverage for treatment services.

Cigna Health Plans

The plans that Cigna offers stay fairly consistent from state-to state. The bottom line is, low and high deductible plans are offered by Cigna. The Vantage Flex 6400, its greatest has an individual annual deductible of an and $6, 400 family yearly deductible of $12, 800. The lowest plan that is deductible is Vantage Flex in 1900, which includes a yearly individual deductible of $1, 900 and wieldy co pays for office\. Visits specialist whilst bend 6400 and 1900 are on opposite ends of the spectrum that is deductible, there are various other Cigna plans between these amounts that are deductible. Yet, these are only plans that are individual. Group insurance plans are also offered by Cigna to companies with worker amounts that range from 51 to 250 workers, which may be obtained in either low deductible or high deductible strategies.

Cigna Rehabilitative Treatment Coverage

Cigna rehabilitation insures follows various coverage choices. For example, the Vantage Flex 1900 plan covers both outpatient and inpatient mental wellness services, but only after the deductible was satisfied. If the service is in network and then, you'll still have to pay 30 percent of all prices. The Flex 6400 additionally provides coverage for such services, but after satisfying the deductible Cigna members may have to pay 40 percent of all prices. Covered services include hospitalizations, detox, inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment, person or group therapy, and more.

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Under the coverage of Cigna, the fiscal weight of rehabilitation is considerably more manageable. Rehabilitation coverage may help you learn how to live a drug free life and conquer your dependence.

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