Ohio Drug Rehabs that Accept Cigna Insurance

With regards to beating a substance or alcohol dependence, professional rehabilitation attention is being sought by the best strategy to ensure long term success. But a lot of individuals that struggle with substance abuse problems do not get the help that they want because such treatment systems wo n't be sufficiently covered by their insurance. People all across the country battle with substance abuse problems, including residents of Ohio. And since these problems are so prevalent, needless to say that people should be alert to what treatment services their insurance covers. A popular insurance provider, Cigna, offers rehab coverage for family, person, and company insurance.

Cigna Healthcare Plans: A Review

Cigna offers an array of high and low deductible medical strategies, that are usually consistent from state to state. The plan for 6400 Cigna Vantage Flex for example, has an individual annual deductible of an and $6, 400 annual family deductible of $12, 800. It's more perfect for young professionals in the field of good health while among the most cost-effective of strategies on a monthly basis. On the other hand, Cigna offers a low deductible plan, the Cigna Vantage Flex 1900, including yearly family individual yearly deductible and $3, 800 a $1, 900 deductible. This unique plan additionally offers $30 $75 copays for specialist services and copays for main services. This plan is more perfect for families that need standard medical care.

Cigna Healthcare Plans for Rehabilitation Treatment

Inpatient rehab is more intensive process than hospital rehabilitation, and it needs a financial investment that is higher private. Happily, substance abuse and mental health is included in Cigna plans. Under the Vantage Flex 1900 plan, for example, in network inpatient mental wellness services are covered. Sadly, additionally, there are some limitations. For example, such inpatient services are only insured after members meet with members and their deductible still have to pay 30 percent of their coverage. After the deductible is met on Vantage Flex Plan 6400, inpatient mental wellness services are insured, but only. Even next, members still have to pay 40 percent of the prices. Special services covered by CIGNA include: family, individual, and group detox, outpatient treatment, therapy, inpatient treatment for drug addiction, and partial hospitalization for drug addiction.

Learning More About Cigna

As we described in the opening, a lot of people do not get the treatment they want for substance abuse since they do not have an insurance plan that is acceptable. That is why it is important to know if it is time to make a change and just what your insurance provider covers. To find out more on Cigna medical health insurance, contact us.

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