Georgia Drug Rehabs that Accept Cigna Insurance

You've got much to think about whenever you intend to enter drug treatment plan and work toward a fresh manner of living. You may have a co occurring mental disorder that you are attempting to address at the same time. When you are dealing with this sort of circumstances that is rough, the last thing you'll need to be thinking about is how to buy treatment, or wind up having the price of care keep you back from going to the treatment of system. One occasionally overlooked place which might help with the price of treatment is the medical health insurance plan. Consider getting one to help cover your drug treatment prices if you dont now have one. As a Georgia resident, you can decide from an assortment of individual medical health insurance plans with Cigna. The plan will look after a part of the price of care, and you'll be in charge of the rest of it.

Cigna Plan Choices in Georgia and what they Insure

Cignas medical health insurance all plans in Georgia cover drug abuse, as well as behavioral and mental health. You've got a large number to choose from in this state, therefore think about the sum you'd be required to purchase monthly and care premiums compared to how much the insurance plan will help. Remember that the number in the name of every plan is a reference to a franchise you'd be accountable for on the plan. The Cigna Health Savings 6000 LCP plan requires 0 percentage co insurance for an in network supplier, whether you choose to opt for outpatient care, office visits or inpatient treatment. You'll pay more with 30 percent co insurance if you'd choose to go to a supplier that's outside the network, and you need pre authority for inpatient care to keep the price as low as possible. If you select the Cigna Health Flex 6400 LCP plan, you'll be covered with a 30 percent co insurance needed on your part for seeing in network suppliers for these services. The cost goes up to 40 percent for the co insurance to visit out-of network suppliers, and pre authority is required by the insurance plan for out-of the price increases or network inpatient services. The Cigna Health Savings 3000 LCP plan comes along with a 10 percent co insurance for in inpatient services, network office visits and outpatient services.

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