Colorado Drug Rehabs that Accept Cigna Insurance

The price of an alcohol or substance treatment plan may be an issue, but a medical health insurance plan may cover part of the price. That makes it so you just need to show up with some of the price of care. Cigna is among the firms that may cover your healthcare demands in Colorado.

Cigna Individual Insurance Plans in Colorado

Because Cigna offers a truly broad assortment of choices in this state you may not need for a plan in Colorado. These personal insurance plans come under distinct degrees from bronze to gold. In copayment, you pay less for premiums, but more at the bronze ending, that ranges to gold strategies where you pay more every month, but more of the price of care is insured. Additionally, a number, that's the deductible amount you'll be responsible for is included by each plan name. All the Cigna individual insurance plans cover drug abuse, in addition to behavioral and mental wellnesscare if you've a dual analysis. With Cigna Vantage strategies and Cigna Connect, you even have the option of variants on the plans that are listed. Included in these are price share strategies for Native American and Alaskan Natives.

Cigna Connect Strategies

A lot of the choices in Colorado are Cigna Connect strategies. In the bronze level, the Link HSA Bronze 6000 EPO plan covers outpatient services and office visits, inpatient services with no cost on your part. The Link Flex Bronze 6400 EPO plans only cover suppliers in the network, requiring you to pay 40 percent co insurance for all kinds of services. In the silver amount, the Connect Flex Silver 3000 EPO plan insures in network suppliers with a 10 percent co insurance required on your part for inpatient and outpatient care and office visits. With the Connect Flex Silver 4000 EPO plan, you pay a $45 copay for each office visit or a 20 percent co insurance for outpatient and inpatient care. A gain of this plan is the deductible doesn't apply to mental wellness services and substance abuse. The Connect Flex Silver 1500 EPO plan covers providers in the network with you accountable for $60 copays for each office visit or a 30 percent co insurance for outpatient and inpatient care. In network suppliers, the Connect Flex Gold 1200 EPO plan insures at the gold amount. You insure a 20 percent co insurance for inpatient and hospital services and a $40 copay for office visits. With this plan, the deductible is irrelevant to mental wellness care or your substance use disorder treatment. For every one of those strategies, you need pre authority for hospital care, and plan does not cover out-of network suppliers.

Cigna Vantage Strategies

Another option in Colorado is a Cigna Vantage plan. At the bronze level, you've the Vantage HSA Bronze 6000 LCP plan, which needs no fee for in network office visits and outpatient and inpatient care. On the Vantage Flex Bronze 6400 LCP plan, a 40 percent co insurance is paid by you for the various sorts of care. At the amount that is silver, the Vantage HSA Silver 2700 LCP plan requires you to pay 15 percent co insurance for office visits, outpatient services and inpatient services. The Vantage Flex Silver 3250 LCP plan needs a $65 copay for office visits or a 30 percent co insurance for outpatient and inpatient services. This plan contains mental wellness and substance use disorder without paying the deductible first as services which can be insured. A 30 percent co insurance is required by the Vantage Flex Silver 2000 LCP plan for the numerous kinds of care. The degree choice that is gold is the Vantage Flex Gold 1400 LCP plan.

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