Kentucky Drug Rehabs that Accept Aetna Insurance

You need when you are ready to get help for an addiction or a mental disorder, do not let the price of care hold you back from the treatment. Medical medical health insurance usually covers at least some of the price of this kind of care. You'll discover that medical health insurance will be accepted by most treatment centres so long as it covers the kind of attention you receive.

Aetna Group Coverage

It's possible for you to find coverage for behavioral health, your mental health and drug treatmentneeds abuse in Kentucky by company based group medical health insurance programs with Aetna. Your coverage for these healthcare services will change depending upon the plans which choices it offers you, and your company picks through Aetna. Contact your insurance provider for more particular advice on the gains your plan supplies.

Group Coverages in Kentucky

Aetna provides a number of group wellness guidelines in the state of Kentucky. Although it may be slightly different from your particular coverage, this page will go over some samples of what your plan might offer. One plan alternative for sale in Kentucky is the Aetna Open Access Elect Choice Health Plan. Inpatient treatment is covered by this plan if you do decide to stay in an institution for substance abuse and/or mental disorders. The insurance covers 90 percent of the room and board price, doctor services along with other expenses after a $200 entry copay and the deductible are paid. For hospital care, you pay a copay of $20 pervisit. Out-of network facilities aren't covered for outpatient or inpatient care, so you must remain in the network to take benefit of the insurance plans. Another alternative is the Aetna Open Access Managed Choice Health Plan. After the deductible is paid this plan covers 90 percent of the price for each admissions of patients hospitalized for mental problems or material abuse. In addition, it covers out-of network inpatient treatment at 70 percent for every entry. Outpatient services cost a copay of $20 for every visit with no deductible implemented, and 100 percent after that, while out-of network treatment comes along with a 70 percent coverage per visit after paying the deductible. The Aetna Traditional Choice Health Plan covers 80 percent for every entrance to residential treatment facility or a hospital for substance abuse services or mental health. After the deductible is insured this coverage begins. If you select outpatient treatment as opposed to an inpatient facility thisplan covers the same amount. It only covers in network services, so you cannot select a facility that is outside the network. Or your company might provide the Aetna $25 Copay Open Access Health Plan. Detoxification is covered by this Health maintenance organization plan from a material in an outpatient treatment capability. These advantages cover the treatment services for dependence or misuse. You are going to be referred throughout the plan to a professional.

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