Delaware Drug Rehabs that Accept Aetna Insurance

If you are unsure how you'll afford alcohol and drug treatment or mental wellness services, contemplate an insurance plan which will cover at least a part of the attention you receive. The strategies throughout the Delaware insurance exchange of Aetna supply coverage for these kinds of healthcare. There are various alternatives which differ in their coverage.

Aetna Plans in Delaware

Plans are broken down into gold, silver and bronze choices depending upon the amount the plan will pay toward healthcare.

Bronze Plans

With strategies that are bronze medal, you spend less on your first month, but may find yourself spending more on the medical services you require.

Bronze $20 Copay HNOnly Plan

This Health maintenance organization plan covers both outpatient and inpatient services for substance use disorders and mental wellness, behavioral health. A copay is needed for each of those kinds of care, with$50 a visit for hospital providers and $250 for entry to an inpatient program. This plan only covers entries or these visits should you get to a network supplier as an alternative to an out-of network one.

Bronze $20 Copay PPO Plan

This can be a PPO plan that covers inpatient behavioral, mental and substance use disorder providers, as well as hospital ones. It keeps the samecopay price as the Health maintenance organization one for in network suppliers. Additionally, this plan does permit the utilization of out-of network providers, with a price of 50 percent coinsurance. Inpatient providers need precertification for out of network providers or the gains is not going to insure as much.

Bronze Deductible Only HSA Eligible HNOnly Plan

This Health maintenance organization plan has a 0 percent coinsurance for behavioral, mental and substance use disorder services. This plan doesn't cover any mental wellness or substance abuse services from network.

Bronze Deductible Only HSA Eligible PPO Plan

This PPO plan comes along with 0 percent coinsurance for mental health care and substance use disorder. If you prefer to see beyond the network provider, you may do it for 50 percent coinsurance. In addition to that, out-of network inpatient providers require precertification or the cost goes up without it.

Silver Plans

In the level that is silver, the plan covers more of the price of medical services.

Silver $5 Copay 2750 HNOnly Plan

When covered by this Health maintenance organization plan, you may expect to pay $75 copayspervisit, with a deductible that is waived, on outpatient services for substance abuse and mental health. Hospital treatment costs 30 percent coinsurance. In this plan, out-of network companies will not be covered.

Silver $5 Copay 2750 PPO Plan

This PPO plan has got the same prices as the 2750 Health maintenance organization plan for in network suppliers. Furthermore, it insures out-of network providers with a demand of 50 percent coinsurance. Out-of network inpatient services want the care or a precertification prices an added sum.

Silver $10 Copay HNOnly Plan

A Health maintenance organization plan, this alternative covers in network mental wellness and substance use services, but not out-of network ones.

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