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Aetna offers medical health insurance alternatives in several countries, but the extent to which substance abuse treatment plans are covered by your plan will change. Whether your Aetna plan covers whether you’ve company provided insurance or an individual plan and treatment systems depends on your states regulations. For company provided insurance strategies, national regulations may affect the amount of coverage your plan provides for addiction treatment and mental health. Whether your plan covers substance abuse treatment plans, you’ll more than probably need to get your treatment prior to signing up for a program and treatment services approved.

Understanding what providers are covered and how to obtain prior approval may be difficult, so your best bet is to work with facility or a skilled substance abuse treatment professional. An expert develop a treatment plan that can satisfy your demands and financing and can ensure that the documents submitted correctly.

More On Aetnas Coverage of Treatment Systems for Substance Abuse

Most companies see the advantage of having mental wellness and addiction treatment coverage for their workers. In case your Aetna insurance is supplied by an employer that has dependency alternatives and mental heath, in that case your treatment often will be covered at levels comparable to other hospital care.

That due to provisions which came into result this year under the Mental Health Equality and Dependence Equity act of 2008, which requires firms who cover more than 50 workers and who offer mental wellness and dependency advantages to cover these states in the same manner they cover other medical ailments. A number of businesses even have Employee Assistance Programs that offer added resources to help you treatment coverage above and beyond with restoration. Most of Aetnas person and family insurance choices don’t contain coverage for addiction treatment and mental health.

Nevertheless, some states require some dependency treatment expenses to be covered by health insurance. The extent to which the coverage is required if the treatment is covered under state provisions changes and the greatest method to learn is to check directly with Aetna.

Work with Aetna and Suppliers of Treatment Systems for Substance Abuse

Help is available on your course to healing, but the initial step is getting an obvious image of the resources to you to accessible. You might want to check with Aetna to learn what choices your plan supplies.

Essential questions to get started with are:

  • Does my insurance plan cover substance abuse treatment?
  • What substance abuse treatment facilities will accept my insurance?
  • Can there be a daily maximum coverage for inpatient stay in a drug rehabilitation facility?
  • What services will my insurance cover at a drug rehabilitation facility?

You can find other resources to assist you in finding the right plan, financial aid, along with other support even if your insurance provider will not cover treatment of substance abuse. Contact us now for information that is free.

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