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MCHA no longer offers coverage as of December 31, 2013.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) assures guaranteed issue coverage for all health insurance applicants. In other words, health insurance companies may no longer deny coverage because of an applicant's pre-existing condition. As such, MCHA's mission to provide a safety net for persons who couldn't obtain health coverage through traditional channels is now being addressed through Obamacare.

Q. Where should I go for new health insurance coverage?

A: You will be able to purchase health insurance through the new Healthcare Marketplace or outside of the Marketplace from any insurance carrier selling health insurance in Montana. Both options will offer a variety of plan types from participating insurance companies. The Healthcare Marketplace will offer you the opportunity to shop and compare insurance plans available in your area, and choose the premium and cost-sharing (deductible and co-insurance) combination that works best for you. You can also compare plans on your own outside of the Marketplace.

There will be four ways to access the Marketplace: by phone (800-318-2596), by mail, in person, or online at Licensed Montana insurance agents can assist you with purchasing coverage both inside and outside of the Marketplace.

Montana Health Insurance  

The Montana Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) was a program that offered policies of individual health insurance to eligible Montana residents who are considered uninsurable due to medical conditions. The MCHA also was the coverage available to persons who are leaving group coverage.

The MCHA was sometimes referred to as Montana’s “high-risk” pool. The MCHA provided coverage of “last resort” and was not intended to duplicate coverage from any other source, public or private. The MCHA plans were administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana and currently provide coverage for about 3,000 Montanans.

The MCHA was committed to providing access to quality health insurance coverage for uninsurable Montanans. In fulfilling this vision, the MCHA believed in:

  • Quality health insurance plans
  • Accessibility for qualifying Montanans
  • Effective programs to manage health care claims and expenses
  • Collaborative industry involvement

About Us

The Montana Legislature created the MCHA in 1985 to establish a program that provides access to health insurance to Montana residents who are otherwise considered uninsurable due to medical conditions. These Montanans are not part of the traditional health insurance market because of preexisting health conditions or significant exclusions of coverage. In general, these people have been rejected for health insurance coverage or offered a policy with a rider on their primary health condition.

In 1997 the Montana Legislature created a second MCHA plan for eligible individuals who have had prior health insurance coverage that meet the federal rules of eligibility as described in the eligibility section. This site contains information about benefits, exclusions, premium rates, eligibility, and application procedures for the MCHA program.

This site also provides information about program changes, publications, and upcoming events that affect the MCHA.

Effective August 1, 2003:  If you have lost your job due to foreign trade and are an eligible federal Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) qualifed individual, you may qualify for coverage under the Portability Plan.  The federal Trade Adjustment Act of 2002 provided a 65% tax credit for qualified persons to use to purchase health insurance.  The MCHA is one of the qualified plans that TAA qualified persons can purchase with the tax credit.  Please see the section about the Portability Plan for additional information.  

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